July 25, 2019

Our Story

After a fruitful 4-year stint recruiting talent for top robotics, semiconductor and defence software engineering firms in North America, Mantech’s founding director Cameron Gillies returned to Australia.

What was immediately evident was that although several highly skilled commercial IT recruitment firms existed, very little expertise existed in providing high quality recruiting services to Australia’s embryonic high technology sector. These were still the days when Telstra and Defence actively engaged and supported the local tech sector. Firms such as JNA, JTEC, Scitec and AWA were all undertaking world-class R & D and needed gifted engineers and management to realise their growth strategies. The 1990s saw a world-class chip design being done in Australia. Outfits such as Austek Microsystems, Telectronics and Radiata were making a big splash.

Investing heavily in training the next generation of technology recruiters, Mantech grew quickly and by the late 1990s was the go-to source for top tech talent throughout Australia. Furthermore, the introduction of “Contractor Ready” talent to our clients gave Mantech added growth and visibility. The DotCom Boom were salad days for Mantech and yes, like a number of our clients, we also flew a little close to the sun!!

The net result, as we entered the new millennium was an increased focus on core business and a passionate commitment to “Quality Outcomes” for our clients. Through some fairly tough days in the early 2000’s Mantech once again hit a strong growth curve as the Net started to weave its’ way into our daily lives.

Today Mantech continues to thrive and now more than ever, our reason to exist remains our core mission; that is to provide a unique recruiting capability enabling Australia’s tech sector to take on the world.

We are proud of our nearly 30 years in business and look forward with optimism and confidence to the next chapter in our story under the experienced leadership of our managing director Richard Center.