January 29, 2018

Referring is Caring

Take care of your connections and help them find their next exciting opportunity!

What would be more satisfying than knowing you have helped someone to progress in their career?

If you know a brilliant and talented Software or Hardware ( Junior and Senior) Engineers, Business analysts, Project Managers who are looking for their next challenge, we would like to invite you to refer them to us.

Our dedicated team of specialised recruiters will do their absolute best to help them find their next challenge!

If we will succeed… OH, WHAT A FEELING!

they will thank you! we will thank you!


We will gift you with a $250 Red Balloon Voucher – choose from thousands of experiences to tick off your bucket list!


We will make a $250 donation to a charity of your choice- in your name!

Do you have a different idea? We would love to hear it!


We are also on the lookout for a recruiter to join our team- so if you know an exceptional ativanshop.com salesperson who is keen to make a career change, please send her or him our way.

(*T&C’s apply- see below)

Email social@mantechit.com.au or give us a call to discuss further 02 9957 1022.



1. If you refer a suitable candidate to Mantech and the Candidate is being placed by Mantech within 6 calendar months of the date of your referral.

2. By referring a Candidate, you warrant Mantech that you have the express permission of the Candidate to provide their contact details and for Mantech to contact the Candidate.

3. A Candidate may only be referred by one person. If more than one person refers the Candidate to Mantech, the person who referred the Candidate first will be eligible for the award.

4. All Referrals exclude candidates who are already registered with Mantech’s database.

5. You must have the consent of your referred person to have his/her details passed over to Mantech.