Defining Career Moment: “I have a life outside of work”

The Cambridge dictionary describes a career-defining moment or action as “one that is very important in making someone successful in their job, or in deciding how they will be remembered.” At Mantech, we have talked about such moments a lot recently, and have decided to share some of ours to give you an insight into who the team are, and how they came to be where they are now.  Here, our Team Manager Richard Center talks about the importance of work/ life balance and what it took to secure his job at Mantech 16 years ago.

Women In Technology Part 2: Solar Analytics Senior Project Manager, Cindy Hung

As Cindy Hung knows, technology is primarily a male dominated industry.  With 16 years of management experience, 9 of which have been in technology, she recently made a career move that changed her perception of how the industry functions.  Cindy is now a Senior Project Manager at Solar phentermine no prescription Analytics, an international software startup at the forefront of the tech industry which also  seeks to actively include women in its workforce.  She describes this move as one of the best decisions of her career. In this two part series we chat to Cindy and Solar Analytics CEO, Stefan Jarnason about women in technology. You can find Stefan’s interview here.


The benefits of longevity & work-life balance

Wendy Ginn has been an employee at Mantech for over 18 years, managing the complex financials for the company, their contractors and staff.  During this time, she has seen the industry evolve and adapt to technological advances, but has herself remained a constant, choosing to return after having her two children. Here she talks about the benefits of longevity working for one employer, work-life balance and flexible employment.

We escaped the office…

The Mantech team, and their families, recently boarded a plane to Port Douglas in celebration of some great company results.

This experience was not only a welcome break from the working week, but a valuable chance to build camaraderie and working relationships outside of the office. It was a chance to relax in an incredible environment at the Sheraton Mirage and experience some things that we never would have normally done as a family.

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