In Conversation: Nima Beik

Part of what we do involves asking lots of questions of our candidates, so we thought it only fair that you get to know us a little better.  Here, Nima Beik, one of our consultants, shares a little about his life outside of work, his technological history and passes on some advice for job hunters.

Were rabbit trappers the JAVA programmers of their time?

Recently in Hobart, Tasmania I meandered through what is called “The Soldiers Walk”. The Soldiers Walk is a gentle 2-3km walk with bronze plaques laid in front of a specially planted cedar tree. Each plaque uniquely represents a citizen of Hobart who had passed away through the course of the Great War. There are some
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Defining Career Moment – Bears & seals in the name of technology

The Cambridge dictionary describes a career-defining moment or action as “one that is very important in making someone successful in their job, or in deciding how they will be remembered.” At Mantech, we have talked about such moments a lot recently, and have decided to share some of ours to give you an insight into who the team are, and how they came to be where they are now.  Here, Laurie Green talks about taking a leap of faith and how it may just work out. […]