How to create an interactive resume

These days, a recruiter may receive hundreds of job applications for one position, so it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.  But regardless of your skill set, it can be difficult to remain memorable when one role can attract hundreds of applications, and when your first point of contact is normally via email or digital submission. An interactive, animated or visual representation of your experience could be the perfect option.


The benefits of longevity & work-life balance

Wendy Ginn has been an employee at Mantech for over 18 years, managing the complex financials for the company, their contractors and staff.  During this time, she has seen the industry evolve and adapt to technological advances, but has herself remained a constant, choosing to return after having her two children. Here she talks about the benefits of longevity working for one employer, work-life balance and flexible employment.

We escaped the office…

The Mantech team, and their families, recently boarded a plane to Port Douglas in celebration of some great company results.

This experience was not only a welcome break from the working week, but a valuable chance to build camaraderie and working relationships outside of the office. It was a chance to relax in an incredible environment at the Sheraton Mirage and experience some things that we never would have normally done as a family.