Follow Your Gut Feeling

You’ve worked hard all week, you’ve followed the process, but what does your gut feel say?

What have I learned in the past year of Recruitment and dealing with candidates in specifics?

It’s that building long enduring relationships of trust and transparency goes a long way as opposed to the invaluable transactional agreement of what many other “typical” Recruiters idealise their day-to-day activity to be.

This, to me, is probably what has brought the name of “Recruitment” to be loathed by a few companies out their in the world that firmly believe we don’t take the care or consideration of our work to heart.


Now I am writing this to tell you that we’re not all the same. I have recently experienced that taking the candidate’s personal characteristics into consideration, of the way that they have gone about towards their career path and of what makes them who they are, is the true binding towards constructing successful relationships that yes, can lead to the eventual successful placement.


I have learnt from my Director and Manager (from the very beginning) that your own gut feeling when in this job is what will almost always guide us towards making the right decision. Two of these specific candidates that I worked with are the perfect example through sticking out through the thick and thin and following your gut feel that there is a perfect opportunity out there for them, you just have to work hard to get that and understand deep down that just because someone is considered “placeable” does not mean that they will fit in every and any organisation.


Both of these candidates have endured the same process when I put them in front of a few of my clients.

They are both very Junior at their stage in life, but undoubtedly have that strong will and desire to do so much more than be the typical programmer that just sits in the corner of a work environment and lives by the status quo.

They had the passion and drive…and most importantly, I had the gut feel that these two were highly placeable; I just really needed to understand more about them and what factors drove them towards that “next best” opportunity.

And little did I know, it only cipro online took less than a week to make a few calls, organise some meetings and not surprisingly, find them signing their contract to that new career growth opportunity.


Small world, but these two candidates of mine ended up being placed next to each other in the office. Funnily enough, I get a call from one of them saying that they got to know each other for only a week and half and found out that I was their Recruiter that found them this opportunity, and how grateful they were for not only the position, but building up a good friendship that can help them progress far together within the company.


A month later, I’m sitting with them in this café for lunch and being told how they could not be any happier with where and how this process has lead them to where they are now.



I guess to keep this somewhat concrete is that, there is no greater feeling than having the satisfaction of not only making a placement and have your clients be really happy with finding that perfect fit of a candidate lodged into their environment, but hearing those words “I would not be where I am in my life if it wasn’t for you”. This, in my world of Recruitment, is what the real merit of what I (we) do in our day-to-day is where it really counts.


So for those of you who are taking their first steps in the world of recruitment, here are my top five tips:

  • Build a trusting relationship with your candidates and back them.
  • Take the time to invest in an intellectual conversation not only about their work, but about what makes them…them.
  • Educate yourself on the industry and what your candidates are work with.
  • Show a keen interest to them that elaborates on your care and professionalism
  • And most importantly. Be honest with yourself, follow your gut feel, and do what’s right


I assure you from my own experience, this is what will take you far down your career path to success and waking up every morning loving what you do for a living.


The author is Nima Beik, Recruitment Consultant at Mantech.


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