About recruitment and football

Last week we came across an interesting question on LinkedIn.

David Wolstenholme, a personal brand builder for recruiters, asked

‘What football club best describes your recruitment agency and why?’ 

To which Nima, who when not recruiting top software graduates and junior developers,  is a semi-professional football player with UNSW, answered:

‘I guess I’d have to go with my club, Arsenal. We have a Director (Football Manager) that has been with the company for a long time and just knows the game (industry) so well! He understands what raw young talent is like, which can essentially depict our small team. Players that haven’t been in the professional recruitment stage for long but have an undeniable talent to succeed and land placements and build a strong desk! And yes, I’m speaking on behalf of myself and my fellow colleagues 😉 Arsenal, or in this case, ManTech, not a big recruitment agency, but has the capability to surprise those big players out there by landing some very unique tech giants and making a name for itself every so often. Now, in this case, our company is continuing to rise up again, which you can pretty much elaborate on the potential of what Arsenal has in store for this season and years to come!’

Thanks, Nima for this fantastic answer.  We are very lucky to have you on our team!


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