July 7, 2016

Getting The Job

The best way to get a new job
It’s important that you as a candidate understand the recruitment process when you’re looking for a new role. This is the process that you can expect when you find a new position through Mantech.

After contacting us for a suitable vacancy you will be invited to meet with the consultant handling the role. During this meeting you can expect a full briefing on the position you are applying for as well as an interview to determine your suitability based on the clients requirements. In the event that you might not be the perfect fit, or the role doesn’t appeal to you, we may have an alternative position with another client for you instead.

The interview will focus primarily on you and your skills, as well as your previous career and what you’ve been working on, but you should also expect some conversation around your hobbies and interests, as well as the sort of place you want to work and the types of people you prefer to work with. An interview is also a great opportunity to use our consultant’s experience to get advice on career direction, get a skills assessment or find out about market trends.  See our detailed interview tips here.

If you’re actively looking in the marketplace it’s always understood that you may be using your own resources or other agencies in your search for a new job. If this is the case it is best to advise the consultant to avoid any issues. Typically, if you’re already represented with a client but get submitted again, there can be difficulties establishing which agency is representing you, worse though is that the person in charge of hiring at the client side will wonder if you’re really serious about the role.

Assuming there is a good match of skills, expectations and you’re enthusiastic about the opportunity, your resume will be forwarded to the client(s) together with supporting documentation that is prepared by the consultant recommending you for interview. It is important to note that buy zovirax your resume will not be forwarded to any client without prior authority from yourself.

It must be understood that some clients react quickly to the process and some do not. You will be advised by our consultant the likely timeframe for interview and selection. Some clients are great and can give you feedback almost immediately, others need to consult and take time to think about things. Regardless, you’ll always be informed of the outcome and kept in the loop of how things are going. We know there’s nothing worse than waiting for news about job interviews.

It is the consultant’s responsibility to arrange all interviews and manage the whole process with the client and the candidate. If the client is keen to meet with you we’ll give you some preparation time and when your interview is complete, take time to de-brief and discuss how you got on and anything you might be unsure of.

What are the next steps?
Assuming that you are successful, you will be asked by our consultant to provide at least two work related referee’s to vouch for your experience and work history. If you are currently employed in a permanent position, we will not contact your current employer – unless of course you have given us authority to do so. Ask us about ways to manage this process. It can be daunting asking a current employer for a reference, but most businesses are used to such requests and its often an easier subject to approach than you may anticipate.

As a matter of courtesy it is recommended that you contact your referees in advance and advise them that our consultant will be calling them in support of your application, especially referees that might be overseas or away on business trips.

Assuming the references are satisfactory they will be compiled by our consultant and passed to the client so that a letter of offer can be generated. Now all you need to do is get together with your consultant for a congratulatory handshake and sign the offer.