July 7, 2016

Interview Tips

Things to consider when attending an interview
Your interview, whether with a client or a recruiter is the most important way to sell your skills and your suitability for a role. While your resume outlines your experience and skill-set, the interview allows you to demonstrate to the interviewer your abilities and cultural fit for a role.

Some people have very strong views on promptness so it’s best to play it safe and arrive 5 minutes early – Too early and you might be interrupting a previous commitment, too late and you may be holding someone up. If you need to reschedule then a half hours’ notice is generally acceptable, but the sooner the better.

Your Mantech consultant will be able to answer most of the following questions:
•  What industry is the company in and how they make money
•  History and size of the company
•  Specific duties and reporting lines in the role
•  Why the vacancy was created
•  Any significant issues facing the client
•  Future of the role

A great way to impress is with prior knowledge of the prospective company. You can even take a sneaky look at some LinkedIn profiles and get an idea about the people that you’re meeting with. Don’t dig too deep, but knowing something personal about the interviewer can lead to some great conversations that help to build a relationship.

Approximately 70% of your message in a conversation is conveyed with your body and facial gestures, 20% in the tone of your voice and less than 10% is conveyed by your words. So consider these pointers:
•  Smile
•  Offer a firm handshake
•  Make regular eye contact
•  Feel assertive about your suitability for the job
•  Avoid crossing your arms or touching your face while talking
•  Dress appropriately

Some interviews are like you’ve met an old friend, and others painfully formal.  The interviewer really wants you to be perfect for the role, but is under pressure to make the right decision. Remember why you are there – To find out all the information you need to make a decision and to present yourself in a truthful and positive way. A meeting with a consultant will typically require around 30 minutes and during this time it’s likely that you will be doing most of the talking.