March 15, 2018

CV tips

Your CV are the ‘make or break’ when it comes to getting the call from the recruiter or hiring manager of the job you are applying to.


A study has found that recruiters spend only 6 seconds scanning every CV they get.

So, you want to make those seconds count!

Get it right- and the chances are you’ll get the call.

Get it wrong… well we all know what it means.



Read the job description thoroughly, if you have any information who is the recruiter or the hiring manager – read about their background, and read about the company.

This information will give you an insight to what is important or what might be appealing when you apply – and you can adjust your CV accordingly.


Personal information:

Name, location, email, mobile and link to your LinkedIn profile (make sure it’s updated!)

Also include your current state in Australia (457 Visa, PR, Australian Citizen)



3-5 sentences about tramadol generic YOU

Who are you? What have you achieved so far? What are your careers aspirations?


Education and Qualifications:

Institutions, courses, certificates – anything that is relevant to your industry

Include years and anything you have to ‘show off’ (Cum laude?)


Work Experience:

List Companies and locations, roles and years in reverse chronological order.

How many years/roles back? 10 years back.

For every position list the:

Key Responsibilities

Key achievements

Ideally 5-7 bullet points.


Skills list:

what do you actually have experienced in? What are your strengths?

List your personal skills and Technical skills.



Languages: Do you speak more than one language? Great! Don’t forget to mention it- and the level of


Volunteer work: Do you give back to society?


Hobbies and Interests: What are you passionate about?



TIP for Graduates/ Junior SW Engineers:

Add you average  / outstanding grades in specific courses

What projects are you working on in your spare time?



Keep the design simple and consistent through the doc (don’t use 5 different fonts)



What not to include:










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