How we’re using Psychogeometric testing for hiring

Workplace diversity is a buzz phrase in the hiring world, and is a key consideration in today’s fast paced environment.  It can be the difference between balance and unrest in a team.  It is also a broad term which is most commonly applied to gender and culture, but it should also be considered in relation to personality type.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 3.20.53 PM A standard and scientific method that can be used to measure the mental capabilities and behavioural style of individuals, is psychogeometric testing. This simple shape recognition test is highly accurate, and has the power to reveal a lot about an individuals’ personality type and working habits – both useful pieces of information when assessing the suitability of prospective candidates for a specific role.

At Mantech, our team recently underwent this testing and the results allowed us to understand more about how one another thinks, and provided insight into our personal attributes and communication styles.  This information means that we are now able to work more efficiently and collaboratively.  We wanted to share this experience with our clients and candidates to increase placement success and longevity. One of our forward-thinking clients, Lorica Health has allowed us to implement this testing as part of our standard hiring procedure with them.

Any recruiter knows that understanding a new role in depth is key to the sourcing process. But we approach the knowledge gathering phase a little differently, and we’re confident that it’s this way of thinking that sets us apart from our competitors.

For each new opportunity, we conduct a workshop with the client.  We ask specific questions about the demands of the role – is this a leadership position, does it require teamwork, a curious mind, organisation or creativity?  Each of these traits are characteristic of the five shapes used in psychogeometric testing, and allow us to determine which personality type is most suitable.

Using this method we also craft our job descriptions so that they include specific keywords, designed to appeal to the target personality type. And it is through profiling both existing, and new staff members that we are able to confidently assess and balance team personality diversity.

We’re always looking for new ways to meet the needs of our clients, and to place candidates in the most appropriate roles. In the future, we aim for this simple, but telling shape recognition test to become part of our standard candidate profiling across the board.

What shape do you most identify with? Get in touch if you’d like to discuss future opportunities for yourself or for your team.  Email

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Laurie Green

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