In Conversation: Cameron Gillies

Part of what we do involves asking lots of questions of our candidates, so we thought it only fair that you get to know us a little better.  Here, Cameron Gillies, our Managing Director, shares a little about his life outside of work, his technological history and passes on some advice for job hunters.

radioWhat is your earliest recollection of technology?
Scoring a Sanyo transistor radio for my 8th Birthday. Suffice to say it went to bed with me every night while listening to the 7HO Top Sixty.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
Gardening, studying Japanese, Skiing and Bushwalking.

If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be?
Donald Trump. Not because I’d necessarily buy ventolin enjoy the dialogue but at least I’d have a crack at influencing him.

If you could have the equivalent of Google ‘20% time’ what would you spend it working on?
Advancing interest in science, maths and languages at High Schools to ensure an ongoing flow of quality people in to the Australian tech industries.

What piece of advice would you give to job hunters?
Spend time researching the companies you are interested in; research yourself – understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Adapt to the market and keep adapting. Don’t get stuck in a rut!

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Cameron Gillies

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