My first year as a recruiter- Michael Lai

Where to begin? It has been a hell of a year.

We were at a friend’s place, it was just the typical Friday dinner, a small group of friends chatting and drinking, there was one person who stood out because unlike everyone else she was at her laptop, furiously typing away. I was surprised but also curious at the same time, little did I know the chain of events that would occur because of this action.

After a quick introduction and an in-depth discussion, I realised that we do very similar roles-  I sell properties to families and she sells people to companies…legally of course.

She was a recruiter and the rest, as they say, is history.

My first interaction with Mantech was different from every other recruitment agency that I met with, their ideology and approach took me completely by surprise. It wasn’t long before I took a leap of faith, went with my instincts and I never regretted my decision to start my first day as a recruiter on June 15th 2017.

Why is Mantech different? Ethical and moral recruiting, with almost 3 decades of experience Mantech has connections where I least expected it (Yes I am willingly put this in and was not forced)

For someone who didn’t truly understand the differences between IT and Technology, over the last year I have seen amazing things that I never knew existed. I didn’t truly understand what my director meant when he said: “You will see some pretty amazing things along the way” until I did.


All I can say is “best job ever” and I am looking forward to more challenges ahead.


To be continued in year two 🙂


Micahel Lai is a recruitment consultant, his focus is on Embedded and Hardware Engineers

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