We pride ourselves on the service and experience we give the people we work with and extremely grateful when our candidates and clients take the time to write a testimonial about their experience working with us.

Each week we share one of the testimonials our recruitment consultants receive, and when Nima received a pretty special one this week, we have decided to feature it on our blog.

Ivana is a Junior Software Developer who contacted Nima in early 2018 after graduating. Nima helped her secure her first role in the industry. and since then, they have been in touch.

"I know I have written a long recommendation, but if you’re considering working with Nima, it’s worth the read. Nima deserves to get some time spent on him and the great work he’s done for me, so I’ll try to be honest and give you the details, as it’s at least I can do to show my gratitude for his great dedication to his job. 
I am more than happy to recommend Nima not only as a recruiter but also as your personal mentor that will help with job search, as it’s hard not to get a job after a great preparation and advice that he’ll provide. 
We’ve been in contact for almost 2 years now, ever since he helped me get my first job after graduating in Computer Science. He still just calls and checks on me if I'm happy with my current job which is quite considerate and nice of him. 
Nima helped me to find my first job in the tech industry in just 2 weeks, as a Full Stack Developer at a high-frequency trading company. This position was better than I ever expected to get as a recent graduate, regarding pay, but also my role, which shows his great negotiation skills and great care for his candidates and recognising candidate’s skills and potential. 
He has always presented to me a couple of clients and listened to what I’m looking for, to make sure I’m happy with the opportunities. Since I always aced the interviews for which Nima prepared me, this was an indication that he knows his clients very well, and what kind of candidate they’re looking for. He truly knows how to recognise the potential and the talent in the person and encourage them to bring the best out of them. 
He has also dedicated a great amount of time in making sure I get to know the client well, prepare me for the interview questions, tell me what I can work on to get better results, which all contributed to me excelling the interviews. 
He made my job search much easier by also handling the communication and negotiations with the client on my behalf. Any time I needed advice about my employment and the career, he was there and would never be an issue for him to provide help. 

I am forever grateful to Nima for everything he’s done for me, without him I would not successfully get other jobs and be where I am today, as that first job was the most important and hardest to get without any experience beforehand, and it was a start of my career where I always wanted it to head."

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