The benefits of longevity & work-life balance

Wendy Ginn has been an employee at Mantech for over 18 years, managing the complex financials for the company, their contractors and staff.  During this time, she has seen the industry evolve and adapt to technological advances, but has herself remained a constant, choosing to return after having her two children. Here she talks about the benefits of longevity working for one employer, work-life balance and flexible employment.


In 1998 you were a junior at a stockbroking firm, how did you find yourself at Mantech?
My brother was a Consultant at Mantech and they were looking for a new Receptionist at the time. It sounded like a great opportunity after working for a Stockbroking Company for 2 years.  I actually cried after work for the first week because the phones were so busy and overwhelming.  But in time I learnt the ins and outs, made the role my own and developed relationships with people, all of which make any new job easier.

Regardless of a long commute, you keep turning up to work.  What factors have made you want to invest with one company for such a significant proportion of your career?
I was doing reception and admin work for the first year, then was promoted to Payroll Manager. As time went on I just enjoyed what I did and the challenges it brought. Also the fact that my boss was great to work for has cemented me in this role.

How did you make the decision to return after having your children, and what changed to accommodate this lifestyle shift?
I was lucky that my Manager was very flexible and after working 5 days a week I knew my job so well that I could actually fit my tasks into 1-2 days effectively. My manager was happy with this arrangement and so was I, as I still get to spend a lot of time with my children and also get a taste of work life.

Do you feel that you are able to balance work and family life effectively, and what is it about your job that enables this?
Yes I can balance work and family life very effectively. As I have been working at Mantech for such a long time, I know the processes, what needs to be done and can operate on my own.  This makes everyone happy, and is time effective.  It’s a win win.

How has your role changed over the 18-year period and what have you done to make it your own?
I have met a lot of interesting people over the years and seen quite a few internal changes within the company.  It has been fun to adapt to these changes and I still like a challenge but I also love the comfort my position at Mantech brings.

What have you learnt about career consistency by watching many others come and go?
I am very lucky to have a job that I love doing – This helps tremendously. I believe there is no point in pursuing other avenues if you are content with what you do. I have been a very loyal employee over the past 18 years and I have no plans to make a change any time soon. Sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture, beyond the obvious factors of salary and job title – for me, this role fits in with my family life, I like the people I work with and I am good at what I do.

Is there one particular memory that typifies your experience over the years?
Having the people, I work for at my wedding is a great memory. To be able to invest with one company where my manager has seen me grow up from a teenager, get married and have 2 children is a pretty special work/ life blend.

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