The Secret Lives of the Mantech Team…( Part 1)

Our fantastic team is a dedicated and passionate bunch when it comes to finding the best tech talent for our clients and best opportunities for our candidates… but we are also making sure we all keep a great life-work balance.

When not at the office or meeting with candidates and clients at Sydney’s best cafes, some of our team members are nurturing special interests that are very different from their day-to-day tasks…

Our Director Richard is a passionate photographer and  drone videographer. He takes his camera and drone whenever and wherever he can!


Richard also loves to travel and recently took his family on a 6 weeks adventure in Central America.


Nima, who will be celebrating his first work-anniversary with Mantech very soon (and his first year as a recruiter!) is a Semi-Professional Football player. Nima signed a 2 years contract in 2017 with Australia’s men’s football (soccer) league and is currently playing for the UNSW team.



Wendy, our Finance Manager since 1998, used to be a bodybuilder(!!!) and now can be seen driving her 1933 Ford Hotrod during the weekends!




To be continued…


Karen Horovitz,

Marketing & Community





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