World Whiskey Day

On 19th of May, the world has celebrated World Whisky Day  (or for short WWD).

Here at Mantech we are massive fans of a good whiskey, and throughout the years we have collected an impressive collection of Whiskey from all around the world brought back from our overseas excursions. Also, we are often surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity of our clients and candidates who gift us a bottle as a token of their appreciation! ( and this is also a great opportunity to thank again to anyone who has ever contributed to our whiskey collection.)

Back to WWD… this year we have decided to celebrate the day with our clients, candidates and friends and to share our love of this special golden liquid. We have gathered plenty of whiskeys to taste and spent a fantastic evening in tasting the different types, networking and chatting everything whiskey, recruitment, technology and more…

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who came to celebrate with us ( on a Thursday night in Crows Nest…)

We were also thrilled to introduce our team’s new Mascot: Meertech the Meerkat!

After a little naming competition (and received some very interesting suggestions! ), two of our guests suggested the chosen name ( Thanks Rob and Evelyn! your gifts are on their way to you!) :Meertech!

By the way, the Whiskey of the evening was LARK … the bottle was finished before the night has ended!



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